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Hello, you beautiful, perfect, infinite being, full of infinite energy! Would you like to spend time every week with Rikka? Would you like to connect to a community of like-minded peers who are committed to living in Oneness, expanding Consciousness, and restoring their natural state of Bliss, Joy and Ecstasy?


You (yes, YOU!) are invited to join Rikka in the Adventure in Oneness™ membership site, where every week you can open even more to infinite possibilities and infinite choice to be anything in any moment! Oh, yeah… and have a blast doing it!

  • rikkazimmerman.comInteract personally with Rikka, LIVE, and in person!
  • rikkazimmerman.comAsk Rikka the questions that are most important to you right now.
  • rikkazimmerman.comReceive regular energetic contributions that raise your vibration and release all limitations.
  • rikkazimmerman.comCollect powerful tools that facilitate massive energy shifts!
  • rikkazimmerman.comTap In to a higher level of vibration that transports you into a blissful, expanded awareness of Oneness.
  • rikkazimmerman.comBe Enveloped in a world-wide group of loving friends supporting each other to live extraordinary lives BEYOND what this reality says is possible, so that…

Adventure in Oneness
Membership Features
Very Important Being Member (VIB)
$147/ month
With your first month’s registration, you will receive access to our exclusive membership site that will open your mind to infinite possibility and move you beyond all that you believe to be impossible.
Livestream Videos, that give you access to Rikka’s new awarenesses every month. Embrace new insights, and soak up Rikka’s energy, exuberance and passion in these weekly/monthly video recordings. *Very Important Being Membership gives you livestream access, Adventure in Oneness membership gives you one recorded livestream video each month.* rikkazimmerman.com4 Interactive livestream videos each month
Amazing Community. Participate in live conversations with the most amazing community of conscious beings on the planet, any time you wish. Connect with like-minded peers who can serve as your cheerleaders of consciousness!
Bonus gifts and offers. You never know when Rikka’s going to decide to give something away!
Resource Library. Browse through an ever-expanding library of recorded videos, classes, telecalls, downloads and more! Check back regularly to see what new, exciting goodies have been added for you!
An exclusive 10% savings on ALL Rikka’s classes and products (excluding new Telesummit packages).
Special events just for VIB members.

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Adventure in Oneness VIB Membership
Adventure in Oneness VIB 6-Month Membership
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