FD in Green

“Rikka is an audience favorite. Effervescent, dynamic and a tremendously powerful communicator, Rikka transforms audiences as she enchants them.”

Farhana Dhalla, co host of The Masters Gathering

Teresa R

Just wanted to share, I just finished listening to the replay of your Healing with the Masters series. My life has been in a learning pattern for about 18 months; UNTIL TODAY! As we were driving into Indianapolis, IN, with Lucas Stadium on the horizon, I had a voice come to me as clear as the sky on a sunny day and it said, “The struggle is now over.”

Teresa R, Orion, IL

Sheila g

I have interviewed thousands of famous authors, visionaries and leaders in the human potential movement, but none has had a greater impact on me, and my listeners, than Rikka Zimmerman. Not only does her powerful energy and magnetic presence ignite people’s passion, they bought more of her products than any other speaker, including best selling authors, 6 time Oprah guests, and 3 Stars from the movie and book, “The Secret.” Rikka is outstanding and really in a league of her own in the awakening of people’s consciousness. She is the new “big deal!” Watch out, she’s on fire!”

 Sheila Gale - The Sheila Show

Peggy G

The second time I listened to Rikka something miraculous happened…long story short …I quit smoking….will be 6 weeks Tuesday….

Then I received an unexpected check for $109….WooHoo!

Peggy G. Kentucky


“I had my leg in a cast for 9 months, Achilles tendon wasn’t healing. Rikka asked me 2 questions in class and my leg was healed two days later! Now my pre-cancerous growths are disappearing!”

Naomi L., Crestone


There are very few instances in the world where one SPECIAL person comes along who has all the elements of SUPER STARDOM. Rikka has the charisma, the magnetism, the caring and the charm to change the world and draw hundreds of thousands of people to YOU! Out of the hundreds of speakers, teachers, celebrities and authors that I deal with on a yearly basis Rikka Zimmerman is that ONE in a MILLION person. She will draw to your event, show, enterprise or media outlet an unimaginable amount of publicity, fans and impact. If you don’t have her on your show you are missing out on one of the hottest up and coming ‘life change’ celebrities the world will ever know. Take advantage of your opportunity to feature Rikka in your media outlet.

 She is incredible, loving and will gift your audience and you with something that is priceless. This priceless gift will raise your worth in the eyes of your viewers, followers and fans. What is the priceless gift that consistently makes her unforgettable? She does one thing that countless celebrities and guests fail to do. She does one thing that they will never stop thanking YOU for. What is the one thing? She makes people believe in their dreams and in themselves again….and your guests will NEVER forget the person who opened that door for them. That person will be YOU!”

Darius M. Barazandeh, Austin, TX

Host of Messenger Revolution & You Wealth Revolution

Julie C.

I’m somebody who has always had a lot of chronic illnesses; my whole life I’ve had something. In my adult life, I’ve had Osteoarthritis that fused my spine, along with congenital deformities and developed rheumatoid arthritis also. I’ve also had things like toxic shock and a number of head injuries. Also, in my past, there was abuse in my family, and on and on. I started Rikka’s body teleclass  and at about week 4, I really unleashed and my body started vibrating and humming and it hasn’t stopped since. I’ve been able to stop one medication after another. I’m off all the medicines that I was on, saving myself over $20,000 a month! I just don’t know what to do with myself I feel so good!

My doctors are just stunned and amazed and so excited. All of this change happened in 6 weeks! I want everyone to know, radical change is possible!

 Julie C, New Mexico

Jina K

“I came to my first classes about a month ago and I’ve lost 6 pant sizes in 6 weeks and I didn’t change my diet or exercise.  If you’re ready to change your life, this is something you’ll want to do.”

Jina H, Denver, CO

Gina B

“Since participating in the first four of the activation series my relationship with my partner has completely transformed. He has professed his love and poured his heart out to me in a way that I could have never imagined possible and we have connected on a deeper level than I ever had before. Now that I have worked through so much with you in money, career, body and relationships, it is all coming together and for the first time in a long time I’m experiencing joy in being alive and life is unfolding beautifully! I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Gina B. Omaha, NE


For the first time in 49 years, without even trying, I’ve been able to totally clean up my diet with the most ease and grace.  That’s nothing short of a miracle for me!

Anne D


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"The degree to which you’re willing, through every pore of your body and being, to let go and say yes, is the degree to which the vibrational shift can occur. Are you ready to finally let go of all of the heavy, vibrational density that has been holding you back and jump off of an energetic cliff with me and FLY like never before?"

Rikka Zimmerman