Meet Rikka

Rikka Zimmerman has a 14 year track record as an international thought leader, speaker and author on the topic of  Life Transformation. A partial list of credentials includes:

  • Founder/CEO of Life Transformed University  a 10 million dollar company that has worked with over 150,000 people around the world including Australia, Germany, Mexico, India and South Africa.
  • Certified 220 coaches in her proprietary methodology who scale Rikka’s work into a variety of industries including healthcare, non-profits, business, and personal development.
  • Social Media Influencer = 68,811 on Facebook, 5,062 on You Tube, 3,848 on Twitter, 1,630 on Instagram.
  • Speaking at such venues as Conscious Life Expo, MindBodySpirt, Sage Levine’s Women Rocking Business, Panache Desai’s Global Gathering.
  • Frequent media resource for publications such as 3x cover for Living Now Magazine, Conscious Journal, Holistic Bliss and featured in Awakenings.
  • Shared stages or online summits with Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, Lynn McTaggert, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, John Assaraf.
  • Member of Associated Transformational Leaders (members include Jack Canfield, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee, Vishen Lakahani of MindValley.)
  • Award-winning songwriter/singer whose album “The Miracle” debuted in top 20 albums on i-Tunes and nominated for a POSI award.
  • Member of the Unicorn Club, the top 2% in Women in Business earning 7 figures/annually.
  • As a survivor of Stage 4 Cancer, is a walking-talking role model of the importance of tapping into source energy and its healing powers.
rikka zimmerman at her desk
Rikka Zimmerman in afternoon sunlight


My journey in consciousness began in the heavier dimension of separation – or as I like to call it The Not.

About 15 years ago, I was what you would call successful. I had a good job as a wedding photographer, a boyfriend who wanted to marry me, lots of friends, a nice place to live.  Life looked good from the outside, but on the inside I was a hot mess!

I wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t fulfilled.  And I definitely wasn’t free.

I was carrying around traumas I experienced as a child. And these traumas were shaping my perception of life. My father died suddenly when I was 11, my mom was critical and I felt like she didn’t love me, my parents struggled with money etc…

All these past experiences shaped my life and set the foundation for patterns that repeated over and over…until I learned to take back my power.

Living in A Cycle of Judgement

So as an adult, I found myself living in total judgment. I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough, not pretty enough, unworthy of being loved, critical of everything I said and did.

I was in a constant state of fear that my boyfriend was going to leave me, and therefore couldn’t experience a fulfilling relationship.  I believed that I had to work hard and be a slave to money rather than having a job that was easy and fun.

I wanted to be a speaker and singer but was scared to death of getting on stage.  I knew that so much more was possible for me, but didn’t know how to get there.

Trapped by Reoccurring Negative Patterns

My limiting beliefs lead me down a very destructive path of recurring negative patterns.

It wasn’t long before I was $80,000 dollars in debt, working my tail off night and day to make ends meet. I had dug myself into such a huge hole that I felt like there was absolutely no way out.

How did I get here I thought?  I’m a smart person! I was ashamed.  I almost declared bankruptcy.  I had hit financial rock bottom.

Rikka Zimmerman on porch in contemplation
Rikka Zimmerman

Then…..My Deepest Fear Came True

I always thought the worst would happen, it was one of my deepest core beliefs, and on May 11th, 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

I had 7 brain tumors in my head, tumors in my lungs, adrenals, large intestines, neck, spine and hip. The cancer had eaten away at my C1 vertebra and my left hip.

The doctor gave me 8 weeks to live if the treatment didn’t work.

My boyfriend at the time whom I thought was my soulmate deceived me, lied, and left.  I was heartbroken. If this is what life was, why would I want to be here? But the truth is, I didn’t want to not live.

I just wanted to get out of my limiting beliefs that were making my life a living hell and step into a different way of experiencing life.

I wanted to live the life my heart truly desired.

Creating a New Life From the Inside Out

In my heart, I knew that so much more was possible for me.  After spending so much time focused on the external – on what was outside of me – I knew in my heart that the life I truly desired would only come from the inside.

I needed to change me, I was the common denominator that was keeping me from having the life I knew was possible.

And although it seemed completely out of reach, I didn’t give up. I was determined to figure out the key to achieving everything I’ve ever wanted in life.

Through a miraculous blend of Eastern and Western medicine, thousands of prayers and a lot of healing work–I have been Cancer free for 4 years!

I’ve met the man of my dreams and have never felt happier.

I went from 80,000 in debt to a 7- figure transformational coaching business.

My life is beyond blessed.

Manifesting the Life of My Dreams

I get to live my life’s purpose, traveling the world, and have assisted over 100k people live better lives. I get to travel the world and watch miracles happen for a living!

I am in the top 2% of women in business running a 7-figure transformational coaching company, and have around 200 beloved certified coaches teaching my transformational tools around the globe.

I used to dream of being a transformational leader inspiring millions, and now I get to live that reality! My mentors have become my friends!

Ever since I was a child I had dreamt of being a singer, here I am living my dream at my CD release event in LA the night I charted #19 on iTunes!

And to top it all off I’ve been able and privileged to give back, as I have supported 3 villages in Africa having clean water, food, and education through the Unstoppable Foundation.

I can honestly say, I am absolutely happy, absolutely free, and absolutely fulfilled in all aspects of life.

I am sharing this with you so that you know that you can go from rock bottom; 80k in debt almost declaring bankruptcy, cancer, and heart-break… to being successful internally and externally.

And no matter where your life is now, you can turn it around fast. If I can do it, so can you!  And I can show you how.

Rikka Zimmerman in the backyard

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