Nikole Kadel

Nikole is a gifted healer and multi-talented Being of magnitude. She connects people to the wonderment of their true nature. She has always seen the world differently, which is one of her potent gifts. Working with the healing capacities she’s had since a young age, Nikole offers highly sought after, private sessions of hands-on energetic healing that is truly out of this world.

Nikole also runs her own company that offers life-changing experiences. Not your typical wilderness guide, she leads mystical, yet direct, dynamic outdoor excursions that allow people to connect with nature as the facilitator of greater possibilities, in and as Oneness.

Nikole is also well reputed among high-level executives and leaders in the personal development industries as an expert in organization, event planning and project management. Her capacity to juggle the many ever-expanding facets of various enterprises with utmost speed, precision, creativity and grace explains why she is in high demand.

Nikole finds joys in co-creating the Adventure in Oneness worldwide live events. She loves contributing her own knowing, space, and being to the process, observing each person blossom like a beautiful, one-of-a-kind flower, freshly empowered to choose a life that’s far greater than anything they ever imagined possible. During events you’ll find her teaching awe-inspiring classes such as, “What Do Dolphins Know About Joy?” and “Ease of Communion”.

Nikole’s personal sense of the Adventure in Oneness springs forth from a deep knowing that we’re surrounded by infinite magic and her willingness to embrace inspiration from everywhere–including the land, ocean, animals, stars and beyond! Nikole is a bridge to knowing what it’s like to be kissed by the cosmos and embraced by the Earth. She greets each morning beaming with delight, knowing she is One with everything. Her outlook is, “Wow, I get to live life today? What fun adventures can happen in every moment?!”

nikole kadel