Gina Romanello

Gina Romanello is a marketing maven who loves serving purpose driven clients with a vision to not only succeed, but to profoundly use their businesses to make a positive impact on the world.

Her extensive work with conscious entrepreneurs, dedicated small business owners, authors, speakers and coaches in strategizing online marketing campaigns and joint venture promotions has catapulted her as a “well known” in the business building and personal growth industry.

Gina has spearheaded or supported marketing initiatives for sought after industry greats like Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, Brendon Burchard, Thrive Academy & Rikka Zimmerman just to name a few.  If you ask any of Gina’s clients, they will tell you, “Gina is experienced, real, loyal and operates with the upmost integrity.”

Gina Romanello
Conscious Business Marketing
Supporting Online Businesses with a Mission to Change the World 

gina romanello