Activation Series

Activations are shorter audio programs, usually under 3 hours, and include guided meditation and facilitation which open the doorway for deep transformation.

Online Courses

Online courses are a deep-dive into a specific topic and offer hours of audio and/or video content which usually span a 6-week timeframe. They often include home-study exercises and bonuses to assist the effectiveness and speed of your transformation.

The Miracle CD

Rikka joins forces with Singer-Songwriters Isaac and Thorald Koren to bring forth the Miracle, which debuted Top Twenty on iTunes. The Miracle was deemed “superb” by Songwriting Magazine who praised Rikka s the “singer/songwriter that we’re sure you will love.” The Miracle will raise your vibration, align you with spirit, awaken your knowing, open your heart to be the expression of the divine you were born to be.

Be The Change CD

Experience Rikka’s vibration raising, possibility creating, body healing, love inducing, joy generating conscious music album entitled “Be The Change!”  This album that is vibrationally enhanced with 60 layers of tonings silent to the ear but dynamically felt by listeners.

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Identify Your #1 Limiting Belief

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