“World we need to come together/for a change that we wish
to see. /Bring this world home /to the place it was designed to
be. /Is it time to erase /All the fear and the hate? /For the love
we can reclaim/And the choices that we can make. /One
world, one heart, one love, in us/ One space, one place, one
big, embrace /One sea, one sky, no time for I, /We’re all one
part of the same, change /Be the change /that you wish to
see in the world /Be the change /It’s inside of you it’s inside of
me too /Be the change /We’ve got to love one another /Be the
change /We are sisters and brothers /It’s time to be the change/
Re-arrange your brain our reality is insane. /Money and fame
talking about your chain /Your cars and your plane the whole
things a shame./ People living in the street with no place to
sleep and nothing to eat makes me want to weep that it’s
come to this can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. /Walking
around in a false sense of bliss with degradation and
terrorist. /What do when wake up rearrange your make-up
and get hype to this./ Inequality cannot persist brothers and
sisters into this, change from within, so lets begin. /I’m in,
who’s in, let me hear you sing./One world, one heart, one
in love in us /One space, one place, one big embrace /One
sea, one sky, no time for I, /We’re all one part of the same,
change. /That you wish to see in the world. /Take care of
our only home. /Stop killing our mother earth. /For what
we believe gives us worth. /Possessed by the greed inside. /
Controlled by the tears we won’t cry. /Let the walls come
down. /Bring them down /Love and the peace and the unity /
One love one tribe and one family. /We can learn to love again
/Learn to love one another /We are sisters and brothers”


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