Pre-forgive everyone in your family

Today, I invite you to allow yourself to “be love” with no reality — with your family.

Allow yourself to breathe in this “being of love” that you are. As you breathe that love out, allow it to be connected to all the love that is in the room. 💖

Everything is happening beyond the illusion. ✨

Imagine all of your family breathing in this love… and feeling beyond their projections.

Feel the love emanating from their angelic hearts. See it emanate from your mom’s heart, dad’s heart, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

Pre-forgive everyone in your family for everything they think they are that isn’t even real. 🙏

Play Today

“I pre-forgive you for the pain that you think is real.”

“I pre-forgive you for the fear that you think is real.”

“I pre-forgive you for the hurt that you think is real.”

“I realize all of that is just your experience and this is the experience that you need to return to love. 💛

I release you to God. I release all of you to God. Your path is perfect. Your suffering is perfect. Your separation is perfect… Because none of it exists. ✨

I love you so much that I’m willing to give you your experience because it is everything you need to return to love and end the experience of all separation.”

So, I celebrate your experience of pain. I celebrate your experience of suffering of fear…

Because as soon as you look in my eyes and feel my heart, you’ll know that none of it is real, and you’ll remember who you are!

It is all perfect!”

Send love to all of your family! 🙌

This way you can have an angelic gathering together.

When you are with them, you are only hanging out with angels. Anything anybody says it is a gift from God!

Feel how grateful your family is for you holding this beautiful space of love. ❤️

Posted by Rikka Zimmerman on Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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