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Save the date! More info coming soon.

Save the date! More info coming soon.

Save the date! More info coming soon.

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  • INTERACT personally with Rikka
  • ASK Rikka the questions that are most important to you right now.
  • RECEIVE regular energetic contributions that raise your vibration
  • TAP IN to powerful tools that facilitate massive energy shifts!
  • BE ENVELOPED in a world-wide group of loving friends


  • Sapphire The gifts of abundance in my life have increased exponentially and more. In the outer world, I have traveled to Melbourne, to see The Monets, to Hawaii to attend Rikka's event, and to Queensland to become a certified Angel Intuitive. On the inside, my experience of the true source of abundance has been enormously supported by Rikka's cutting edge, always evolving and fresh take. I am living The Dream .. and Read More
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