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Photo of Ramona Crofoot

Ramona Crofoot

Home Toms River NJ USA Home Phone: (732) 575-3486


Ramona Crofoot is a Life Transformed Coach for people who are ready to create their own beautiful kaleidoscope of life. Through her insightful compassion, loving presence and eclectically creative approach, she empowers awareness and responsibility in self-creation – while unwrapping the gifts of serendipity as an invitation to inspired, joyful living. And when she’s not empowering clients to create a life that’s even more than their dreams, you can find her with her hands in clay, curled up with a book or adding another country to her travel map. Here’s to sharing the journey of co-creating the beauty of your kaleidoscopic life with Ramona and Kaleidoscope Transformations Wellness Center!

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