Life Transformed™ Certified Coaches

These coaches have successfully completed the yearlong coaching certification. Find a coach in your area below and begin your journey of transformation.

Photo of Marita Wright Marita Wright Australia

Marita is such a brilliantly clear channel and bearer of light. She has the ability to take you on this magical journey. It’s as though you are truly experiencing heaven on earth! Marita is here to lovingly guide you to bring forth your own unique gifts and talents that you have come to share in the world! …

Photo of Silvia Rios Silvia Rios USA

Silvia is a LT coach, author, speaker, Transformational Life Strategist, holistic Physical Therapist and healer

“I help women love who they see in the mirror. Thanks to all the insights from my extensive professional training and experience, as well as my own personal journey to self-acceptance and empowerment, I strategize to help women see and embrace the truth that they’re just one choice away from finding their best selves and their ‘happy’.…

Photo of Beverley Miles and Wodonga Victoria Beverley Miles and Wodonga Victoria Australia

Bev is the embodiment of light and love and plays in the space of infinite possibilities. She loves freeing herself and others from belief systems that hold us back from living a free joyful and expanded life. If you are aware that you run patterns in your life, time and time again or are just unhappy with situations that have occured in your past or present contact Bev, she can show you the way to freedom balance, peace and clarity.

Photo of Melissa Bradley Melissa Bradley USA

Melissa Bradley is known as the Queen of Magical Possibilities. As a Life Transformed coach, spiritual advisor, mentor, teacher and healer, she helps women to stop hurting and to start loving themselves and create fresh new possibilities for their life. Her unconditional love, compassion and playful spirit helps her clients shift any and all pain from the past (from sexual abuse to divorce to death of a loved one) into a whole new life where they are free to love and share their magic with the world…”You have been my saving grace.” — “Thank you for all this.…

Photo of Rebecca Winegarner Rebecca Winegarner USA

Rebecca spent over 30 years as a Registered Nurse, where she worked with young adults suffering from depression. As a life transformed coach, Rebecca assists individuals of all ages who have ever struggled with depression, hopelessness or loneliness transform to a life of love and joy, allowing them to embrace a life of their own choosing.

Photo of Denise Carpenter Denise Carpenter Canada

Experiencing delight and passion as clients find and connect with their true self has been the driving force for Denise’s career. She marries her experience as a Reiki Master with the miraculous teachings of Rikka’s courses to further the deep alignment of awareness with soul….in the process, allowing joy, gratitude and peace to flow. For more information on her coaching packages visit

Photo of Debby Holmes Debby Holmes USA
(970) 744-5508

Debra (Debby) Holmes is an empowering source of love, light and wisdom and spiritual leader in her community. In addition to being a Life Transformed Coach, Debby is a certified pastoral counselor & clinical chaplain who has provided years of loving hospice support. She is a licensed Religious Science Minister combining spirituality and brain science for overcoming and healing trauma.  …

Photo of Katie Bruder Katie Bruder USA

Katie is a Life Transformed Coach who helps empower people looking for passion and connectivity with life. Katie will help those who are ready to live a joyous, balanced, and more loving, life, while making it feel like play. With joy, ease, and clarity, she will help release old mindsets that can feel heavy, fulfilling, or imbalanced.…

Photo of Charles Wesley Causey III Charles Wesley Causey III USA
(505) 301-6767

Have been in Recovery  for 25 years. Have been studying with Rikka for 3 years. I have learned several healing modalities over the past 15 years. The processes I have learned from Rikka & the Life Transformed have taken my life beyond what I ever thought possible.  Better then 35 years of counseling & 25 years of meetings.…

Photo of Kumara Ford Kumara Ford USA
(830) 220-0398

Kumara is your Bridge to More: For Individuals and Groups to guide you to Improve your Life Path and open up to your True Divine Potential. Love is the Foundation of her work and the engine that drives her Passion to guide you on your journey. Kumara’s deep desire is to assist her client’s into greater awareness with more Ease and Joy in their lives.…

Photo of Sandy Grant Sandy Grant Australia/Worldwide

I am here to end self esteem issues, limiting beliefs, feelings of being unloved/unsupported, and to facilitate self love.

After two failed, abusive marriages, I lost everything: children, house, health, money.

My life is very different now.”

By releasing the roles, suppressed emotions and repeating patterns in your life, you can be your true self, enjoy love, relationships, health, abundance, and fulfilment.…

Photo of Susan Swan James Susan Swan James Canada/Worldwide

How can you remain truly in joy, peace, and happiness, no matter what craziness is going on? Life happens in every moment and our troubles impact our choices. What would it be like to have your burdens lifted? To strive forward unhindered?

As a Life Transformed Coach, speaker, spiritual mentor, Susan is on the path to helping millions stop being re-traumatized and return to who they truly are.…

Photo of Patty Jenkins Patty Jenkins USA
(360) 774-3268

I have spent the last forty years exploring and discovering the unique contributions and energies I have to offer. Starting out in life with a compromised immune system I have had many opportunities to redraft myself from both inside and out. While working in the natural foods and healing arts I have experienced that we all have so much to offer each other while having the capacity to heal ourselves.…

Photo of Pamela La Luz Pamela La Luz USA

Pamela de La Luz is known as the “Alchemist of Sound”. As an LT Coach she uses her expertise in crystalline sound to activate new possibility in your physical embodiment and integrate Rikka’s profound techniques and processes at a cellular level. It’s time to release what has held you back from accessing your highest potential, empower you to implement new choices and upgrade your own operating system!…

Photo of Maria Bautista Maria Bautista USA

Hello I’m Maria Corazon Bautista, physician and healer, practicing Internal Medicine in San Diego for 28 years. After being certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine in 2007 I have incorporated spirituality in the way that I treat illness and I believe it is spiritual energy on top of my expertise as internist that truly heals. After surviving a life threatening health challenge that turned painfully chronic, my search for a cure led me to what I call the Wonderland of Self where by probing within I found the answers to health and wellbeing.…

Photo of Barbara Bennett Barbara Bennett

Barbara’s clients describe her as filled with light and love, wisdom and kindness. She has worked extensively with Rikka transcending beliefs in loss, grief, loneliness, abandonment, betrayal and lack. She now lives in the energies of joy, love and abundance and delights in supporting others to find the same. In addition to being a Life Transformed Coach, she is a Registered Psychotherapist, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and certified Life and Executive Coach.…

Photo of Leslie Sandra Black Leslie Sandra Black Canada
(250) 477-9471

With wonder and gratitude, Leslie emanates: * Delight in showing you the Divine Light that you truly are. * Angelic transmissions of loving, playful Light Language transcending limitations of your mind. * Two decades’ experience in embodied, heart-centered energy healing. For ages Leslie unconsciously absorbed others’ pain, leading to burned-out Heart and body. Her Heart awakened into, and became, Love-Light — expanding into infinite joy and freedom!…

Photo of Jennifer Corbeau Jennifer Corbeau USA

Did you know that Your Heart is constantly communicating with you and wants nothing more than to Love You and help you create a life of pure Joy? Jennifer is a Transformation Catalyst who can help facilitate you in hearing and following Your Heart’s Calling.  During your session with Jennifer, use your heart, mind, body, and breath to delve into your inner knowing and bring light and grace to any of your own barriers to hearing your heart while you move more deeply into love. …

Photo of Linda Edmiston Linda Edmiston USA

Linda knows from personal experience, how much a life can improve by healing the past. And she feels blessed to assist her clients in their journeys from their old stories into a new life.  Linda’s clients are supported in their growth to such a deep degree. They feel safe to open their hearts and minds to face their darkest past.…

Photo of Silvia Emuns Silvia Emuns Germany

Silvia is the power of harmony and leads you back to your true self. When we are fully ourselves, in harmony with our innermost essence, we feel deeply connected and happy! Everything we ever dreamed of is possible!

Photo of Laura Jackson Loo Laura Jackson Loo USA

Laura Jackson Loo is a mentor to C-Suite, executives and visionary leaders. By working one-on-one with Laura, you can gain clarity, identify obstacles, and step into exponentially greater possibilities! She helps clients personally and professionally where they often have Ah-Ha moments and profound shifts. They regularly experience rapid progress, greater fulfillment and the discovery of a world bursting with possibilities they never imagined.…

Photo of Tara Lee Ayotte Tara Lee Ayotte

Reclaim your passion and live true to you by transform your past experiences into the gift that they were meant to be. As an International Speaker, Mentor & Certified Life transformed Coach, Tara inspires visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and those searching for greater fulfillment and purpose in life, to be renewed, re-energized and empowered to take inspired action and make a bigger impact while living the life they so richly deserve!

Photo of Gary Barwig Gary Barwig USA
(615) 419-1314

Exponential Corporate Culture Transformation. I’m passionate about this field because I struggled with company cultures sub-optimizing people’s skills & passion therefore sub-optimizing companies and individuals prosperity for the long term. My ideal audience needs help in taking the next Big move in driving exponential profit increases & employee engagement thru transforming the organization and employees from the inside out by tapping into the unlimited potential of employees.…

Photo of Tricia Coyle Tricia Coyle USA

What is sacred architecture? How does one dream space? Encourage a person to experience that dream, then put it down on paper. Designing is like juggling. All the balls have to go into the air together. I keep them in the air like a magician. The design becomes sacred when the universe grabs them, arranges them into a space, the kind that encourages the coming home to oneself.…

Photo of Christine Elder Christine Elder USA
(503) 999-8259

Christine is often described as an “Angel in a body,” and her illuminating, transformational toning has been called “the voice of God.” Her energetic signature of ChristiEl is a radiant embodiment of the archangelic realms, which then emanate through song, conversation and insight. Christine’s light, playful presence serves as a portal to Divine Love, a powerful bridge connecting you to the direct experience of God in every aspect of your life.…

Photo of Michelle Gould Michelle Gould Australia
41 507 0744

Michelle Anne Gould is a Soulpreneur, mother and best-selling author, founder of Abundant Spirit Education and creator of SoulMagic™ and Ki-Zone™. Michelle supports free-spirited, nature loving busy women who feel stressed, burnt and maxed out committed to enhancing their lives through transformation, unblocking abundance from within. She helps create their own Self nurturing rituals to light up their lives with peace, passion and joy.…

Photo of Heather Hollandsworth Heather Hollandsworth USA
(503) 302-4599

I started channeling when I was 15. Over the years I have used various healing modalities and after taking many of Rikka’s classes and her yearlong coaching program I became a Life Transformed coach in 2016. I love being in the flow of consciousness and during my sessions I also use sacred geometrical forms and Ascension tools and frequencies to accelerate the healing modalities even further.…

Photo of Arianna Zimmer Arianna Zimmer Canada
(226) 203-1887

Love and Light. This is what We Are. Everything else is a manipulation of the Unconditional Love That Is. And we have been manipulated, dishonoured, suppressed, confined, tormented… We have been shown less than Unconditional Love throughout our lives. Arianna Zimmer has moved through the levels of these manipulations to remember and honour the Absolute Love We Are, through her personal journey and through her choosing to be the Transformational Leader she is.…

Photo of Janet Best Janet Best United States

Your answers are inside you. Let me help you find them. Here is a video for you to watch to get to know me.
Contact me at for a free 45 minute session to see if we are a match.

Photo of Danielle Clarke Danielle Clarke Australia
61 417 434 090

“Danielle, an Advanced Life Coach, assists highly intuitive beings, who are misaligned with their Soul’s purpose, to build an unshakable inner foundation and so embody the power of their Divinity.

Danielle delights in her clients’ transformations. Through her own adventures with Rikka, over many years, she “walks the talk”. She has a deep resonance with her clients’ as she too is a highly intuitive being, journeying through this dimension.…

Photo of Bruce Corston Bruce Corston Australia

Bruce Corston has two session therapies available, the first one is Sound, Light, and Sacred Geometry assisted, which I have done for many years, and is a powerful remover of subconscious and trauma blockage in people. The second is what I call Expanse. Integration into the Oneness is our natural flow of human evolution, and the results of our new awareness are awesome to behold, using the 6 Principles to share with and help others.…

Photo of Ramona Crofoot Ramona Crofoot USA
(732) 575-3486

Ramona Crofoot is a Life Transformed Coach for people who are ready to create their own beautiful kaleidoscope of life. Through her insightful compassion, loving presence and eclectically creative approach, she empowers awareness and responsibility in self-creation – while unwrapping the gifts of serendipity as an invitation to inspired, joyful living. And when she’s not empowering clients to create a life that’s even more than their dreams, you can find her with her hands in clay, curled up with a book or adding another country to her travel map.…

Photo of Aurora Hammond Aurora Hammond Australia
+61 411 164 732

Aurora Hammond your Intergalactic Memory Specialist! With over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist, Aurora is uniquely able to distinguish between earthbound trauma and super awareness of your intergalactic potential! Previously known as too sensitive, too serious and unlucky in love, Aurora has discovered she is not even from here. This has resulted in life becoming way more fun!…

Photo of Nikole Kadel Nikole Kadel USA/Worldwide

Nikole Kadel has lived her path of awakening from a young age. She brings awareness of Heaven’s gifts through the beauty of the natural world and the wonders that it holds. Her clients reawaken to magic and beauty within themselves. Nikole is the senior member of Rikka’s team and is on the forefront of creating world-changing and dynamic programs that expand consciousness.…

Photo of Vicki Koritnik Vicki Koritnik USA
(303) 886-1455

Vicki is an Intuitive Life Coach, powerful Medium with multi-dimensional Universal eyes. She has been practicing energy work for 25+ years. She uses her clairvoyant wisdom to see clearly the patterns, habits and beliefs that are causing distress in your life and supports your body and mind to make the shifts and releases required to bring transformation.…

Photo of Margareta Larsen Margareta Larsen Denmark

Say YES to YOU! Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel limited, with no possibility to live the life you want? Do you lack confidence to step up, be YOU and to shine like a diamante in the world? The time for change is here – if YOU choose so. Let me help you through your transformation.…

Photo of Melissa Laudiero Melissa Laudiero USA
(856) 296-8097

Welcome HOME my dear traveler! As SHE WHO WALKS BETWEEN WORLDS through the space of unconditional love, where all magic and miracles exist, I am the Anam Cara, soul friend, of every being on their journey home. Connecting with your energy, we create homing beacon to your holy and magnificent highest self. Results are unique with every session, but always exhilarating and inspiring.…

Photo of Rosanna Lo Meo-Peachey Rosanna Lo Meo-Peachey USA
(717) 543-7263

Rosanna’s Italian roots have seasoned her to be nurturing and courageous while her multifaceted career path from the corporate world to the healing arts for two decades has awakened her gifts and talents into an angelic and intuitive healer and beyond. Rosanna’s bursting love and sparkly passion serve as a transformational bridge for women who have been abused, abandoned and betrayed assisting them to step into and embody the deep peaceful and joyful experience of “LA DOLCE VITA”, allowing them to own their brilliance in the world!…

Photo of Emily Mallon Emily Mallon USA
(914) 760-3385

Do you want to embody more peace and joy in your life? Do you want to begin feeling the life-force move YOU into your passion? Is it time to really feel the love for yourself that no-one else can bring you? Emily has practiced yoga for over 20 years. She has received her 200 hour Yoga certification and has teacher level certifications in Reiki and Magical Awakening.…

Photo of Kimberleigh Matthews Kimberleigh Matthews United Kingdom
+44 750 631 9385

I love assisting people with the process of letting go, creating peaceful, harmonious life. The reunification of the Higher and Lower levels in order to step into a life of balance, no longer struggling with the ups and downs of emotions and feelings. Mastery of Self-Love and Nurturing – living a heart centered life. How to Master the role of the observer and stepping into your power as Creator incarnate.

Photo of Susan McNeece Susan McNeece USA

What if you could light up the world with the pure essence of Divine beauty and love that you truly are? Susan has a gift of seeing the depths of Divine beauty and love in everyone. As a bridge of Divinity, she has a clarity of vision that easily transforms feelings of being misunderstood, separated or alone into a celebration of life, laughter, humor and joy.…

Photo of Angela Meyer Angela Meyer USA

How would you like to live a life where you feel such a deep sense of safety that, no matter what is going on around you, you are unaffected? This is so simple it is often overlooked. Angela specializes in one on one coaching using Rikka’s Return to Love processes combined with A course in Miracles principles to uncover the way to your own KNOWING of this deep place of safety.

Photo of Deborah Miller Deborah Miller Mexico
+1 713 893 3440 US

Deborah Miller, is passionate about helping people feel empowered to maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Deborah has a heart-felt & inspired goal of helping a million men, women and children address mental, emotional or physical cues that could turn into illness using simple, easy & accessible methods.

Deborah, Life Transformed Coach, PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology, EFT Expert & Trainer, & internationally recognized author, understands the necessity of working with the emotional aspects underlying ‘dis-ease’ within the body, mind & spirit.…

Photo of Lizete Morais Lizete Morais Costa Rica
(+506) 8814 9278

Supporting seekers, twin flames and leaders to connect and align to their soul essence and live, love and lead and from peace and power.

Creating transformational experiences & unforgettable retreats to learn the practical and profound roadmap to ARISE in wholeness.

Photo of Pam Neil Pam Neil USA
(408) 930-8129

Like her clients, transformational leader and coach, Pam Neil has worked in the corporate environment for over 30 years and understands the stress and overwhelm of her clients as they start taking action steps to create an extraordinary business. With feet in both worlds, Pam empowers women working corporate jobs to move through fear, uncertainty and powerlessness by providing them with personalized guidance so they can step into their divine potential and magnificence and create their special brand of magic to share with the world.…

Photo of Irisha Pomerantzeff Irisha Pomerantzeff USA
(828) 380-0171

A terrible childhood car accident left me … victimized, guilty, ugly; alone, powerless, angry … sex, drugs, hiding …looking for love. … Eventually, I chose Joy! … Much later, I called out! An angel answered. “Remember? Your Life is Love! Forgive all! Love yourself!” … I meditated: an accident? What accident?! Reality shift! Best gift ever!…

Photo of Laura Quirke Laura Quirke USA
(408) 568-8625

I activate miraculous transformation and healing, helping people naturally heal physical & emotional pain, trauma, chronic disease, injuries, improve athletic performance and so much more!

I am a Transformational Healer and Coach. I am blessed with a gift of being able to channel very high vibrational energy that enables my clients to experience miraculous healing and transformation on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.…

Photo of Terri Rainier Terri Rainier USA

Are you ready to release your limiting patterns and old stories, know who you truly are, and create your dream life?  That’s been my journey and I’m ready to assist you. With 20yrs transforming business units for Fortune 500 companies and 20yrs practicing wholistic wellness and meditation, I can meet you wherever you are on your life path to create your dream life.  …

Photo of Ann Rambaut Ann Rambaut United Kingdom
+44 743 681 0181

Have you lost yourself caring for your family and friends? Are you burnt out in your job or just overwhelmed with the struggle of every day existence?   Ann’s insightful coaching guides women who have put themselves on the back burner of life to end the struggle and allow them to feel wonderful just being who they truly are.…

Photo of Annett Schneider Annett Schneider Canada

Annett Schneider, B.A. Psych (par.), CMH.t. is an Angel Channel, Reiki Master, Life Transformed Coach and Intuitive. After healing herself of Chronic fatigue, candida and depression she now works with people worldwide as a guide to help others clear what is holding them back from living their true purpose. You will transform into being creativity, joy and being your true self to create a life of abundance.…

Photo of Bethany Schrader Bethany Schrader USA

Bethany uses the Life Transformed™ Coaching processes to currently facilitate people all around the world on the ideas of oneness and awakening to conscious creation. Having been a radio host on the topic of conscious creation, and speaking in front of large crowds as well as individual facilitation sessions, she see’s there is so much more possible for the collective consciousness of humanity.…

Photo of Hilary Stocker Hilary Stocker Switzerland

Hilary Stocker is a truly nurturing happiness specialist who encourages life’s misfits, the lost and the lonely, to navigate the world with an adventurous approach, exploring exciting new directions using their own inner compass. A world traveller, immigrant and mother, she has discovered that becoming a free spirit bridges cultures and builds communities. When she is not involved in mind and body coaching Hilary can be found relishing the vast diversity of life; walking in richly scented forests, enjoying quirky theatre performances or dancing a sultry tango.…

Photo of Marika Tapper Marika Tapper Sweden

Marika has an innate gift of seeing the flow within those she meets, and many years’ experience guiding people to a life with more happiness, love and lightness.

Regardless of background, age, or whether you are a man or a woman, she invites you to a moment where the impossible becomes possible. We all have experienced Flow at some point in life, often by accident; but we know when it is there.…

Photo of Nancy Tulipano Nancy Tulipano Canada

My mission is to empower and coach people to let go of your struggle with life and activate their magical life. To live the life that you never dreamed was possible. I want to assist you to let go of the struggle inside with patterns and beliefs so that you empower yourself to be the creator of your magical life.

Photo of Eve Vosman Eve Vosman Estonia
+372 56284016

In each one of us there is the urge to express the beauty that lodges inside us, the ardent desire to live life in its full.
My mission is to serve LOVE. It is time for humankind to re-find the connection with the heart. To be fully embraced by the beauty we are, by the peace, joy, truth, freedom, love – our sacred true origin.

Photo of Steffny Wallace Steffny Wallace USA
(415) 205-4963

I Am a channel for Divine Presence, a collective voice of Source that includes YOUR higher guidance. I hear these forces of goodness and Light and I’m able to process them into words for your personal use in unraveling energetic and emotional blocks which will help you move forward; unburdened and joyful! For anyone who wants to know themself as they truly are, a Being of great Light and Love with an infinite capacity to create and expand, I can offer insights and share tangible skills that will catapult you to a new level of awareness, beyond what you now think is possible.

Photo of Solaris Walsh Solaris Walsh USA

Solaris is an alchemist of life, love and being.

She teaches multi-talented people who are trapped emotionally, physically, financially, and/or spiritually how to break free and create a magical life.

Solaris is a beaming light of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. She enthusiastically assists you in transforming your life and business by upgrading and elevating your consciousness.

Photo of Justine Watson Justine Watson Bali/Australia/Worldwide

Justine stood at death’s door and came back to share gifts beyond her 20+ psychotherapy training to serve you! Healing through emotional release, supporting the human body to heal (by getting out of its way) and loving you to reach your highest potential in All that you choose for you and your life.…

Photo of Jane Winter Jane Winter USA
(808) 652-0397

I have been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years on the island of Kauai. I am thrilled to be a Life Transformed Coach where I have learned cutting edge energetic healing tools to help people have the life of their dreams. My real credentials are my three children and four granddaughters. I do private sessions on Kauai, Skype sessions for those off island and Healing Vacations.

Photo of Gale Ziccarelli Gale Ziccarelli USA

What if your life could be more amazing than you ever dared imagine? Gale is a life coach and psychotherapist who has been on her own journey of discovery and she has the tools and experience to guide you to being your best self. Gale has transformed her life and the lives of her clients and she would be honored to help you.