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Sandy Grant

Home Sydney Australia/Worldwide


I am here to end self esteem issues, limiting beliefs, feelings of being unloved/unsupported, and to facilitate self love.

After two failed, abusive marriages, I lost everything: children, house, health, money.

My life is very different now.”

By releasing the roles, suppressed emotions and repeating patterns in your life, you can be your true self, enjoy love, relationships, health, abundance, and fulfilment.

“Dancing feeds my soul!”

Sandy offers warm, safe, nurturing, supportive, intuitive, mother energy 1:1 coaching via phone/

“Love begins with the choice of loving you.”

Let the magic and miracles unfold. Book now!

Identify Your #1 Limiting Belief

My video training & worksheet will help you uncover your #1 Limiting Belief, so you can eliminate it forever, and begin living a life full of abundance & happiness!

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