Hearing Your Body’s Message from Divinity

What if in every moment your body was trying to deliver an energetic message to you from Divinity?

When I say “Divinity” I mean Source, Love, Spirit, Oneness, Life Force Energy, the Universe, God or your True Self.

Suppose that in each moment your body is bringing you the experience that is designed to be a spiritual guide to keep you on your path and point you home towards this true self.

Here are some examples of the messages that your body might be trying to deliver to you from Source.

If you are tired all the time…
–  What are you tired of that your body is trying to get you to stop doing?

If you are sick often…
–  What are you sick of that your body is attempting to get you to let go of?

If you are in pain…
–  What pain from the past are you holding on to that your body is asking you to release?

These are a few of the questions that I have used to assist my clients to heal their bodies.

In my 12 years of experience facilitating over 150 thousand people, I have noticed that Source has one mission: to bring you home to Love or your true self.

In order to do that, it creates experiences to help you to release the contractive energies that make you feel separate from love, while simultaneously expanding your energy into receiving more love.

Since your body is made of Source energy, what I have found is that your body is designed to do the same.

So what is the answer to energetically help the body heal?  The Beatles were correct when they sang, “… All we need is love.”  Love is the energetic answer to any ailment.  Your love is like a secret recipe that your body needs in order to heal and transform itself.  Everyone is different, so in order to get in touch with your personal love recipe, ask yourself this question:

If I were loving myself here… what would I choose?

If I were loving my body here… what would I choose?

These two questions will shortcut your ability to know what behavior needs to be modified in order for you or your body to heal. I invite you to the transformation and Divine Love that your body will lead you to discover as you begin listening to its message in every moment.

Note: This is a way to heal the energetics of your body.  There also may be physical nutrition, vitamins, or medicine that are also required for your body to live at its optimal state.

I have a free audio gift for you to assist in ending self-judgment as part of the process of connecting to your body’s messaging. You can have it for free here: www.DoYouLoveYou.com.