How to Graduate from Any Limited Belief

overcoming limiting beliefs

Do limited beliefs seem to plague every part of your life?  Whispering in your ear degrading thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,” “Nothing ever works out for me,” “I can’t have it all,” “I said the wrong thing again,” “I’m not pretty enough,” “I’m too old,” “My soulmate is not out there,” “I’m tired,” “I’m a bad friend,” “I’m so judgmental,” “I guess this is just the way it is.” And the list goes on.

Are you ready to stand up to that inner voice of negative programs and show those beliefs who’s the programmer and that you are the one that gets to choose who you are?

Imagine that beliefs are “programs” that you’ve installed on a computer that create your life experience.

Each one of those beliefs are on an endless loop until you consciously choose to reprogram them.  As a belief comes up automatically it is asking you, “Would you like to continue believing in this limited belief or would you like to consciously choose to reprogram your experience?”

Yet, why do they constantly come back?  Here are a few common programming mistakes that aren’t allowing you to graduate from those limited programs and have the life of your choice.

When a limited belief comes up; DON’T do this:

Agree with the belief

“That’s right, I’m not good enough.”

Resist or Defend the belief

“I am so good enough, let me prove it to you.”

Go to any form of positive or negative judgment

Negative: “You’re wrong, you’re the one that’s not good enough!”

Positive: “At least if I know I’m not good enough, then I can keep trying to make myself a better person.”

Add more beliefs or stories onto the belief

“I wasn’t good enough for my dad, my ex-husband, and now you!”

When a limited belief comes up; DO this:

Breath, feel and release

By doing this, it releases you from the polarity.

Imagine that this part of you is a 2-year-old child and create a conversation that energetically embraces the belief with unconditional love and compassion.

“Oh sweetheart, come here.  I love you.  I know that you’ve been feeling like you’re not good enough, but that is simply not true.  You are good enough.  You are Source energy. How could you not be good enough?  Whoever said this about you is simply incorrect. It was actually their belief about themselves that they were projecting onto you. It had nothing to do with you my love.  You’re so cute! Let’s love this about you. I love that you believe that you’re not good enough. I love that about you.”

By following these simple, yet powerful, processes you can reprogram any limited belief and set yourself free to have any life of your choice.