Miraculous Manifestation Made Easy

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Ever wonder why sometimes you’re in this magical flow and miracles effortlessly happen around you, while in other moments you can’t make anything go your way?

What happened to take you out of this flow, and how do you stay in this alignment all the time?

This flow of effortless miraculous manifestation is life force energy, and it is here in every moment.

Have you ever had those blissful experiences in nature when your mind becomes completely clear, your heart opens, and it feels like you’ve been transported into a new world?  You have aligned yourself with the frequency of life force energy that surrounds us in everything, from the trees decorating the skyline to the birds singing, and life is beyond beautiful!

As we step back into our lives from this alignment, we notice that everything is effortlessly magical, and miracles seem to manifest all around us.

However, this blissful moment can seemingly be removed with a single thought. Instantly, we can find ourselves heading down a deep rabbit hole of negativity, and suddenly we’re blocking that energy from miraculously manifesting in our lives.

Did the beautiful presence of life force energy go away? Of course not.  It is still there in that forest, in this moment, everywhere, always.

This seemingly fleeting presence is life force energy.  It goes by many names: Energy, Source, The Universe, Love, or God.  This energy is always present, unwavering, and unchangeable.  This is the energy of what is, what has always been, and what will always be.  Source is miraculous, so as we step into alignment with Source, we can easily manifest miracles!

So how do we create ourselves to be in stable alignment with this beautiful energy of Source?  By using my Six Principles of Source, you can step into alignment and easily manifest miracles in your life!  These principles aren’t an imposed belief; they are what everything is made of and how everything functions outside of the illusionary experience of separation.

Let’s begin the process of bringing you into alignment with the first principle.

Principle #1: Everything and everyone is made of the infinite love of Source God (including you!).

Step #1:  Think of a problem that you would like to bring into alignment.  Disengage from the energy and bring it out of your body to the space in front of you.

Step #2:  Now, speak the truth to yourself.  With Principle #1 in mind, let me ask you, is everything made of Source? Yes, right?  Every cell, every molecule is made of Source.  And Source is made of infinite love, right?  Therefore, everything and everyone is truly made of infinite love.  Is a seed made of infinite love?  Yes.  Is a tree made of infinite love?  Yes. Is every cell and molecule of your human body infinite love?  Yes, or it wouldn’t be alive.  The truth is, everything is made of infinite love. This means you are also infinite love.  It’s not personal; it’s just the way it is.

Step #3:  Activate gratitude in your heart for this principle.  Say aloud, “Thank you Source for being infinite love.  Thank you Source for making me infinite love.  I am so grateful that I am infinite love.  I am so grateful for the truth that everything and everyone is infinite love.”

Step #4:  How to create your life from direct alignment with Source.

Let’s examine how to implement this principle in your life so that you can easily manifest miracles!  Again, energetically bring your problem in front of you and say:

“Since everything is the infinite love of Source, even this (referring to what you’re transforming), I choose… (Identify how you will move forward in your environment knowing the truth that everything is infinite love.)”

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