I’m on the Cover of Holistic Bliss Magazine!

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone! Rikka here. Guess who’s on the cover of a magazine wearing this dress? Yes! I just got honored on the cover of Holistic Bliss, an Australian magazine, and I wanted to just send a big shout out to Vanessa and her team. Thank you so much. It is such an incredible honor and Andrew thank you for writing this incredible piece and Kelly thank you for the photos. It is so awesome and the title of the cover and the article that they wrote about me is called “being who you came here to be” which I think is perfect.

For me it’s like yes…are we here to be who we came here to be? Absolutely. So I have a question for you: who did you come here to be and what did you come here to be? Now that may seem like an easy answer right? Well I came here to be myself. Right but are you really being and really expressing yourself? It’s a really good question isn’t it? So in this article Andrew actually writes about my cancer journey and I wanted to share that with you guys a little bit today because that is something that has really shaped me being able to be what I came here to be.

All right so for me prior to having cancer, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I did have quite a lot of mind and ego running you know. I had a lot of self-sabotaging patterns and even though I was I was facilitating and teaching there was this undercurrent of not being able to really trust life. Now I didn’t notice it really at the time because when you live within a pattern or a state of being when you’re living within it a lot of times you can’t notice it and it really takes these transformations in our life or great coaches to point this out. So that we can actually make that transformation.

So for me on May 19th 2015, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and it was a huge impactful experience because I’d been healthy my entire life and it was the first time anything like this has ever happened with my body and I was really like in shock. It was a lot to take in you know. They said that I had seven brain tumors in my head. One was the size of two golf balls that I had tumors in my neck and my lungs and my liver and my intestines. Really all over my body and it was like out of nowhere. And they were like yeah, and if this treatment doesn’t work we think that you have about eight weeks to live. So you should probably get your affairs in order.

So I just want to bring that into your awareness. What would it be like? Because for me, this transformation is so huge. I started living after I went through cancer and I want to kind of offer that to you guys today about without you having to face death and go through cancer. If right now you were faced with the end of your life, like just imagine in this moment that today was the very last day that could be you. You know, that you could really express yourself and that you could experience life.

What’s important to you?  You know and just for a moment just think about how you would spend this day. Just even talking about it, as you can tell it brings tears to my eyes because it’s so filled with love you know. It’s like the first thing that I would do would be call all of my brothers and sisters and my parents and just to tell them how much they mean to me and how grateful I am for them in my life. And I’d probably do this video for you guys you know telling you that that you being in my life has brought me and my soul into a level of receiving myself and being myself and for that I am so grateful. It’s like each of you guys me being able and honored to train you to be able to lead you into love is my greatest life’s work like you have allowed me to leave my legacy on this planet. Thank you so much.

What else would we do if today was your last day? if this was the last day the last moment that you got to spend being you. I really encourage you to really embrace this teaching. And in this moment maybe write a little list. Would you call your mom and apologize? Would you make up from that fight that you and your partner that kind of keeps this separation between you. Or would you go and hug your dog or your kids and just say I love you so much and I am so grateful for you?

Thank you for everything you’ve been in my life because when you’re faced with the end of your life, you have nothing but gratitude. Nothing but gratitude for them, nothing but love for them so this cancer journey for me brought that completely to the surface. Where I was literally faced with if this was the last day of your life because it may very well be. What did you come here to be?

And for me what I realized is that I came here to be love. You know I came here to be love for myself. For everyone I meet. For my loved ones. For the world. I came here to be love and in that moment I knew also that there are projects that I had to do. Like I had to deliver all of my teachings in a class that had a manual, so if I left, people could read this manual and they would say thank God for Rikka. Because of her I know how to get out of the illusion of separation. So that was one thing I did that I’ve accomplished already. Another thing was making the album The Miracle. Because I hadn’t really shared my heart and music. Or shared my heart really with the world with myself, with my partner and with my relationships.

I found that out through facing the end of my life. Because there’s only one thing that you regret ever in life, and that’s not fully being present to love as much as you do. So I leave that with you today. If this was the last day of your life, what would you choose? Who would you be and do? Even just one of those things to fill your heart and maybe every day you pick one of those things to step forward and say “this was the last day of my life”.  This is how I choose to share myself with my loved ones with my kids with myself with the world.

Okay my love’s…I love you all so much! You can check out the cover of the holistic bliss magazine it’s on my profile. You can check it out there and thank you again to everyone at holistic bliss and I’m just so grateful that we get to share these incredible messages with the world. And really step into a world that functions from love because we choose to stand in love. Thank you everyone!

Rikka on Holistic Bliss Magazine