If Money Was Your Lover…Would You Still Be Having Sex?

make money your lover

Why does money come so easily to some people while others endlessly struggle to make ends meet? Is there a secret formula that only rich people know? Or are some people just lucky?

What if it all comes down to your subconscious vibration? Ponder this: how does money make you feel? Sit with the energy that comes up in response to this.

Are you expansive, and inviting more in? Or do you notice contraction or resentment from deep in your system that is pushing money away?

Everything is made of energy and responds to our energetic state. If you had a group of friends that constantly judged you and another group of friends that loved you, which would you rather invite to dinner? The friends who love you, right?

It’s similar with money. If you resent, judge, and secretly (or not so secretly) hate money for how hard you have to work for it, or how much suffering it has caused you, is money going to want to have dinner with you? No. It’s going to be attracted to the people that love and cherish it.

To uncover your sneaky subconscious blocks that are pushing money away, ask this poignant question: “If money was your lover, would you still be having sex?”

Let’s imagine that money is your lover and is coming to your door. This lover brought your favorite flowers. He or she is wearing a sweet, seductive cologne, looking gorgeous, and desiring to show you the night of your life. You hear a knock and open the door. What do you say to your money lover that makes them go away?

  • You’re never here when I need you!
  • I slave my life away for you!
  • You’re never enough!
  • I resent you! If it weren’t for you, I could be happy!
  • You ruined my last marriage, we fought and fought about you. It’s your fault!
  • Everything would be easier if you didn’t exist!
  • I stay up late at night, anxious about where you’re going to come from! I can’t trust you!
  • Not having enough of you makes me feel bad! I’m a failure at life!
  • I won’t let myself keep you because I’m scared of losing you again!
  • People who have you are greedy, fake, and shallow! You are the root of all evils!
  • I’m better than rich people because I don’t need you!
  • Whenever you do show up, you’re already spent. I have to give you to all my bills. There’s no point in receiving you if you’re already going to leave me!

Imagine how your lover called money feels as you say these hurtful words. Do any of these energies make your lover called money want to come in and nurture, caress, and make sweet love to you? Or is your money lover already down the block at your neighbor’s wondering if they’ll get better treatment there?

Let me ask you, is it truly money’s fault? Does money set out to consciously betray you? No. Money is the innocent bystander that is controlled and manipulated to become what you believe.

Our relationship with money is our choice. We can either construct it so that we attract more of it into our lives or push it away. Now, let’s recreate this same scenario into the expansive relationship that you can choose to have with money.

Your beautiful lover called money comes to your door, looking dapper and desiring you. Knock, knock. What could you say to your lover called money to make them stay?

  • I love you. Thank you for showing up!
  • You are always here for me, loving me, supporting me, and nurturing me.
  • I want to have fun with you, travel with you, have dinner with you. You make my life such a beautiful place to be.
  • I’m so grateful for everything you give me!
  • You are more than enough.
  • I want to be with you. When you show up, I always keep 10% of you so that we can continue to have a beautiful and expansive relationship.
  • You are not to blame. I’m so sorry I blamed you. Will you forgive me? What else could you say to your money lover to make them stay?

Can you see how your subconscious programs are pushing money away and that you could begin a relationship that would invite abundance in?

I used to have a horrible relationship with money that was a reflection of my relationship with myself. Fifteen years ago, I was $80,000 in debt, overworked, and underpaid. I felt so unworthy that I would cut 20 hours off of my paycheck every week because I didn’t want to burden my boss. I felt like I must have done something wrong to deserve this level of lack that life had brought me. I used to think, “If I just survive, I’ll be OK.” But I wasn’t; I was drowning in negative unconscious patterns!

At that time, receiving wasn’t easy for me. I would not let anyone take me to dinner; if they did, I would make a note to pay next time to make it even. I believed that lack was real, and I didn’t want to take from anyone.

Then one day, while trying to figure how to get out of the hole I had dug myself into, I realized, “Wait, I am the one that got me into this mess! I’m the only one that can get me out! What is so much fun for me that my life would be a dream come true if I could do it every day?”

The answer was clear: coaching people into having their dream life come into reality! But I thought, “I can’t get paid for that. There are so many people who are better qualified. Why would anyone want to come to me? I’m $80,000 in debt and in an emotionally abusive relationship. I don’t deserve to receive that amazing of a life! But… I’m so far in debt I don’t have another choice. What do I have to lose? My alternative is bankruptcy.”

So I went for it! I transformed my relationship with money and myself and now I’m running my 7-figure coaching business doing what I love. Currently, I have over 200 coaches worldwide that are teaching my Life Transformed Tools and have impacted over 150,000 lives! I never thought this was possible for me.

So are you ready to embrace money as your lover? Are you ready to let them have their way with you and exist with you in the life beyond your greatest imaginings? It’s never too late to repair a relationship, especially with someone as divinely perfect and deserving of love as you, but only you can make that choice. Take it from someone who knows.